When was the last time you read a book?

A child browsing the bookshelves hoping to find that one book he’d like to take home and finish reading.

iRead Bookshop started in December 2017 with its participation in the Ormoc City Government’s Christmas Bazaar / Expo in the city plaza quadrangle. That was its introduction to the public, which we used as a gauge as well if people were ready for a bookshop.

In January 2018, it became active in social media while legal business documents were in process. We sold books through Facebook and through Vicenta’s Café & Bistro, as the owners were kind enough to allow for a bookshelf to be displayed inside the coffeshop.
Finally, on June 12, 2018, it opened its doors to the public through its small store in ORTELCO Bldg., J. Navarro St., Ormoc City, offering not only books but also souvenir items, school and office supplies. Jima Zandra J. Vergara, an Ormocana and owner of iRead Bookshop serves as the general manager.
iRead Bookshop is the result of the proprietor’s desire to give Filipino authors, Philippines-published books and other Filipino publications the opportunity for their books to be displayed/placed in a physical bookshop (not just online) and be sold – and eventually read by fellow Filipinos. It is the outcome of the bookshop owner’s wish for children of this age and time to take up reading – and hopefully, venture into creative writing, the literary arts, poetry, etc. – so we not only have a past to look back on but also a future filled with stories written about us…. by our children.
Furthermore, the consequence of a parent’s need for affordable school and office supplies, thus, the addition of these items to the bookshop’s product list. “We have some of the “cheapest but quality” office and school supplies provider in Ormoc City, as we source our supplies from a respected wholesaler of paper products in Cebu.” said Jima to Vanity Magazine senior writer.
Lastly, because the bookshop owner has gotten tired of the traditional and not-very-creative-nor-attractive souvenir items – and in reality, the lack of these in Ormoc – she decided to put up “Tatak Ormoc”. These are original creations of Ormoc souvenir items.
Today, it is ready to take on orders for “customized” souvenir items under its “Tatak Ormoc” brand.  But most especially, iRead Bookshop is excited to awaken the bookworm in each one of you!
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Source: VANITY MAGAZINE Volume 24 No 4
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